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    Financial and Business consulting

    CA RA MPAKO holdings aims to help clients from different sectors, to solve their business problems, increase their revenue and help in cost cutting.

    We believe that the best way to do this is to ensure that the accounting systems and basic services we deliver are perfect and from there be proactive. Wherever possible we strive to become an integral part of our client’s management and planning.

    Finance and business strategy are inter-woven and the lines become blurred when it comes to service delivery. As we develop our relationships we are finding that the best way to share our knowledge is to deliver benefits.

    Introducing CA RA MPAKO consulting. A one-stop shop for our clients’ accounting, audit, tax and business advisory requirements where our value is delivered through a balance of best practice and innovation.
    We strive to be a Game Changer in our industry by assisting our clients to excel in theirs.

  • Financial Consulting

    At CA RA Mpako we are proactive. We don’t just do what we are paid to do we go beyond it. Here’s our approach:

      1. Establish a controlled and risk free financial environment
        • A critical part of growing a profitable business is being able to identify and recognise opportunity areas to save and make money.
        • Our financial consulting teams deliver what your business needs now
        • And discover new ways for your business to grow and outperform itself in the future
      2. Communicate and learn client business
        • Integrate to client management
      3. Be proactive and provide ideas, innovations and inputs to make sure our clients business is running and performing optimally
        • Recommend clever ideas and improved ways to perform
        • Debt Planning and Reduction; cost effective financing models to reduce monthly payments to service their debt
        • Operational Bookkeeping and Payroll Management is a key area for consulting and advisory accounting services to small and medium sized businesses
        • Recruitment and hiring (current employment legislation, and budgeting for salaries and benefits)
        • Bookkeeping utilising the latest technology and systems reduces overhead, streamlines processes and provide up to date records of accounts
        • Tax Strategy

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  • Business Consulting

    Often business owners struggle to find somebody reliable who they can turn to when they need advice. We provide business owners with relevant and practical advice based on experience ad what we’ve seen that works.

    At CA RA Mpako you get real and relevant advice for growth in a rapidly changing business environment:

    1. Agile planning from our experienced team
    2. Adaptable business strategies aligned with your company’s needs
    3. Business support services:
      • Marketing and business development
      • Business planning and strategy
      • Communication strategy
      • Management services
    4. Expert advice for
      • Start Ups
      • Specialist knowledge/skills and sector expertise
        • Health and medical
        • Telecommunications
        • Emerging markets and retail
    5. Business valuations

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