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CA RA Mpako Inc. audit services difference.

The auditor’s job is to validate the accuracy and integrity of business financials and systems. An independent audit (e.g. a statutory, regulatory, compliance, governance, risk, compliance, performance), work must be performed by an external auditor.

Read here about CA RA Mpako Inc. external audit services.

Above all auditing is about validating with correctness the accuracy of accounting and financial reporting.

But our industry is not only about accuracy and systematic methods. At CA RA Mpako Inc. That is to say we have structured our internal audit & assurance services delivery to ensure all our clients, small, medium or large, receive optimal benefit.

Yes we are methodical as we apply best practice to qualify numbers and processes. For instance, we implement best practices to invariably delivers significant benefits and results. It’s surprising how often as we work through clients financials and are able to recommend better ways to do things, or identify missed opportunities.




Internal Audits and Support

We have structured our services delivery to ensure clients, small, medium or large, receive optimal benefit. CA RA Mpako Inc. internal audit is designed as a support function to management.  we pay attention to details to ensure that proper internal controls are in place for the company objectives to be achieved.

We provide audit support to clients who don’t employ internal auditors.  Therefore if your company needs internal controls properly assessed and designed with effectiveness and efficiency CA RA Mpako Inc. standards is what you need.

Are you an SME who needs to watch over the validity and accuracy of your financial statements?

In conclusion, you need to make sure your accounting systems, records and files are setup and prepared correctly.

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