Auditing & Assurance services:

The CA RA Mpako difference.

As most people know it’s the auditor’s job in an audit to validate the accuracy and integrity of business financials and systems. In an independent audit (e.g. a statutory, regulatory, compliance, governance, risk, compliance, performance), the work must be performed by an external auditor, the audit team and experts if required.

Read here about CA RA Mpako external audit services.

Less people know what an audit firm actually does, what it is capable of doing and the benefits a creative and innovative audit team are able to deliver to businesses – whatever the size.

In its simple definition, Auditing is about validating the accuracy of accounting and financial reporting, ensuring that they are accurate and correct and can be trusted; Assurance speaks about the efficiency of the system generating those results and intends to assure that things have been done properly

But our industry is not only about accuracy and systematic methods. At CA RA Mpako we have structured our internal audit & assurance services delivery to ensure all our clients, small, medium or large, receive optimal benefit.

Our smart and creative audit teams are able to put audit and assurance together and recommend financial benefits to your company. While we perform audit services other business benefits emerge.

Yes we are methodical as we apply best practice to qualify numbers and processes. Implementing best practice where it is not in place invariably delivers significant benefits. It’s surprising how often as we work through clients financials we are able to recommend better ways to do things, or identify missed opportunities.


Internal Audits and audit support

We have structured our services delivery to ensure all Carampako clients, small, medium or large, receive optimal benefit. Carampako internal audit is designed as a support function to management to ensure that there are proper internal controls in place for the company objectives to be achieved

Our first time audit services provide audit support to clients who don’t employ an internal auditor and who need the system of internal controls to be properly assessed and designed, and the effectiveness and efficiency maintained.

Are you a SME who needs a Registered Auditor’s eye to watch over the validity, accuracy and completeness of your financial statements?

Are you preparing to be audited?

Do you need to make sure your accounting systems, records and files are setup and prepared correctly and cost effectively?

Whatever your needs we will help your business to excel.

Internal Audits